HSPA & LTE Failover Solutions

Providing Redundancy and a Reliable UC Solution

HSPA & LTE network failover, providing organizations with an essential business continuity option should their primary internet connection delivering their voice solution fails.

This is achieved through the use of a router that supports both the Internet pass through and HSPA/LTE connection and creates a tunnel on either end of the network. This allows a business to failover to a completely separate HSPA/LTE network infrastructure to maintain connectivity in the event of a primary link failure, all within 90 seconds of losing connectivity, without any noticeable drop in services.

Businesses will be billed on a monthly basis for transferring data over the HSPA/LTE network should their internet service be unavailable. The solution will not be billed as a pay-per-use or pay-as-you-go basis. The service will also be restricted to transmission of voice related data packets only.

HSPA, LTE Failover Enterprise Solutions

The failover to HSPA/LTE will be offered as a value-add to all existing customers and will also be available as an optional extra as part of a bundled offering to all new and prospective clients.

LTE Network Failover

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