TDM-Based technology

iTeraTEL’s TDM-based IP platform vs. pure VoIP

Communication service providers and enterprise customers interested in deploying VoIP are always concerned about the quality and reliability of the technology over standard POT (Plain Old Telephone) lines. Other areas of concern with VoIP are also fax support in an IP environment. In order to address this issue, iTeraTEL's unique network is powered by TDM-based technology.

In short, the TDM-based network provides us with an opportunity to utilize traditional telephony technology and in turn reduce the use of public IP while transiting the calls of our subscribers to the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

To accomplish this we utilize industry leading Cisco gateways to convert SIP over to TDM prior to handing off calls to PSTN. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is used to provide the connectivity between the customer's location to our data processing facility.

Solutions Powered By TDM-based IP

TDM-Based IP
iTeraTEL’s industry leading Hosted PBX, SIP Trunking, PRI Trunking, Hosted Call Center, and Toll Free Services all utilize our unique platform. The solutions are all completely compatible with data transmissions (Faxing, alarm monitoring, and other applications that require an analog telephone line) and offer voice codec flexibilities that are designed to meet the needs of our subscribers.

Data Solutions

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