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Business SMS platform

The iTeraTEL Business SMS platform provides a direct, real-time and engaging experience for users and SMS is the perfect vehicle to deliver your message.

It is specially designed to provide SMS services to enterprise and corporate clients who wish to contact their direct customers and employees for different information update, e.g. making regular contact with their staff / students‚ sends regular updates on project management‚ meeting / exam notification, corporate / lecture announcements‚ business updates, new product promotion, to their customers' mobile phones or even alerts to employees at offices or in remote locations where corporate emails are not accessible.
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Send and receive SMS text messages from right within your web browser. Generate reports, too. No download. Nothing to install. Available anywhere, any time. Mobile version of the SMS portal is also available.
Email to SMS

Email to SMS

Use Microsoft Outlook or your favourite email client to send SMS text messages to your staff and customers. Get replies delivered right to your inbox and simply reply to the email notification to respond.


Automate your business with our comprehensive API and connecting your applications directly to the iTeraTEL SMS gateway. Integrate services straight into new and existing applications to enable the transmission and reception of text messages.
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Business SMS Features & Benefits

  • Send and receive up to 160-character messages to and from your iTeraTEL phone number
  • Type and read messages directly from your desktop, laptop computer or mobile device
  • View message history—in your History folder
  • Incoming SMS delivered to your email. Simply reply to the email to respond

Why iTeraTEL Business SMS

Communicate More Effectively
Unlike emails, approximately 90% of text messages are read within three minutes of delivery, providing a more effective way to communicate with employees, clients, customers or partners.
Simple, Scalable Communication
Easily send messages to individuals or small and large groups. Text provides consistent, fast communication in ways that voice and email can’t.
Reliable and Guaranteed Delivery
Our connections to the US mobile networks are strong. Our in-house built SMS platform has sophisticated routing in place to make sure messages are sent to the best networks available.

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