LTE Failover Solutions
LTE Failover Solutions

LTE Failover Solutions

LTE network failover, providing organizations with an essential business continuity option should their primary internet connection delivering their voice solution fails.

Voice 4G LTE Backup

In today’s society, having your phone lines down for even a short period of time can cause your business to suffer. iTeraTEL’s 4G LTE Failover can provide immediate, cost-effective, alternate connections in the event your primary connection is lost.

The Impact of Voice Services Downtime


Decreased Productivity - Without a reliable connection, business operations suffers along with employee productivity.


Lost Revenue - Unplanned network outages can happen daily. Critical applications such as faxes & phones could end up costing your company thousands.


Customer Frustration - Loss of connection can lead to poor customer experience, damaging sales as well as brand equity.


Key Features

LTE failover

Flat Rate Plans

Flat rate LTE failover data plans offer flexible connectivity options for all voice solutions

4G LTE network

Seamless Connection

Connectivity is automatically switched to a 4G LTE network during an outage, eliminating downtime and disruption.

nationwide 4G LTE

Powerful Nationwide Coverage

From coast to coast, our powerful nationwide 4G LTE coverage ensures your business will remain connected. With automatic connection failover, your business communication continues to operate at lightning speed.

LTE Failover Solutions

The failover to HSPA/LTE will be offered as a value-add to all existing customers and will also be available as an optional extra as part of a bundled offering to all new and prospective clients.
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