iTeraMobile App

iTeraMobile App allows end users to place calls from their mobile device and appear as if they are using their business phone number. Calls are enabled over Wi-Fi or the phone’s mobile network.

With the ease of use of the mobile app you can now stay on top of all your calls even when you are away from your desk.

Be anywhere. Work anywhere.

  • Make/receive calls using your iTeraTEL service
  • Warm/blind transfer calls to any number or work extension
  • Send and receive individual or group text messages from your work number
  • Sync your personal contacts with the contact list for ease of use
  • Three-way calling allows you to conduct conference calls wherever you are
  • Seamless switching between Wi-Fi and mobile data
  • Forward calls with one click of a button
  • Record calls, store and listen to recorded files in calls history
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